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Luiza BudeaLuiza Budea

“A painting requires both an instant of perfect clarity, spontaneity and calm as well as a ready hand, trained through years of practice and eager to perform. Each spiral has a rhythm that flows in one continuous motion from beginning to end, moving outwardly from the center. For the drawing to be without flaw, the mind must be undistracted from maintaining the intervals and smoothly amplifying the magnitude of the movement, like dance to an inaudible music. Most distracting of all is the desire to make a painting. It must be abolished allowing the painting to come of its own accord. My job is simply to prepare for its arrival and wait.” – Luiza Budea

 I am and will remain an Artist. My grandfather was an artist, my father was a photographer, my brother is a sculptor. My mother paints beautifully but decided not to pursue art. My grandmother’s paintings grace the walls of her humble apartment but she, too, decided not to pursue it.
I decided to go all-out.

I have something to say. I would like to reach people. I would like them to see the beautiful things in front of their eyes. To appreciate the extraordinary wonders that fill their everyday existence. I am hungry for ways to do it. Hungry for skills and means to say it. And I am very close.

I can’t ignore that people suffer every minute of every day and I dream of one day doing something about it. I’m building myself up for that day and discovering new ways in which art can have an impact and bring about real change in people’s lives.

I draw, paint, sculpt as naturally and constantly as I breathe. I’m always trying something new, scary, challenging, frustrating and exciting like 3D software or switching to digital painting. I don’t stop until I’ve managed to create something beautiful out of it. As soon as I’ve mastered one skill, I move on to the next challenge. Perfection is not enough.

I found my voice. I’m at the start of something new. I’m just about ready to bring it all together.

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